Class Size

Our class sizes are small by design, so you get lots of individual attention and lots of opportunities to practice your conversation skills in your new language.

A minimum of 4 students must be registered for us to open a course. If not enough students have registered for a course to convene, we can create a private or semi-private (2 students) class just for you, with the corresponding private or semi-private tuition—or we can issue you a credit or a gift certificate to be used in a future course—or we can issue you a full refund. Your choice.

Class Time

Classes are one hour long, and they start and end on time. Please be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to find the location, park, find your group’s table (look for the Global Language Café table sign) and purchase any drinks or snacks you might want before the class start time.

Adults Only

Our café classes are for registered adult students only; no one under 18 may register or attend. You may not participate in a class if you have children with you, even if you intend them to occupy a separate table on their own—it’s simply too distracting for the teacher and other students.

In addition, guests of any age are not permitted to attend classes. (Global Language Café gift certificates make a great present and enable your friends to take classes with you!)

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your course registration more than 14 days before the course’s starting date, we are able to refund the price of the course minus credit card fees and a $25 processing fee. Or you may choose to apply the price of the course, minus a $25 processing fee, to the tuition for a future course that you register for at the time of your cancellation (this option saves you the cost of non-refundable credit card fees).

We are not able to provide refunds for courses canceled within 14 days of the course’s starting date. You may, however, apply the cost of the course, minus a $50 processing fee, to a future course that you register for at the time of your cancellation.

No refunds or postponements are available once the course begins; and because of our course structure, missed classes cannot be made up.

To cancel a registration or apply it to a future course according to these guidelines, you must notify us in writing; simply email us at info@GlobalLanguageCafe.com and we’ll make it happen.