Our Teachers

Global Language Café is so fortunate to have a cadre of really excellent teachers leading our classes. Our instructors have degrees in their fields and years of experience teaching languages. They’ll make your language-learning experience effective and fun. Learn more about them here.

Mitchel Baccinelli, Italian and Spanish

Mitch has been teaching Spanish and Italian since 2013, starting with college students, but ultimately expanding to students of all ages. He received his Masters in Comparative Literature from Florida Atlantic University, focusing on Spanish and Italian, and is currently working on his PhD in Comparative Studies at Florida Atlantic University, also in Spanish and Italian. In this time, he’s learned that teaching language is not simply an act of memorizing words and conjugations. Learning a language is a process of learning a new way to view the world, and to teach a language is to teach people as much about the cultures that speak these languages as it is about teaching how to ask directions to the nearest library. In turn, he specializes in combining both language and culture in order to teach about communication in context, whether that context is visiting a country for fun or for business, and he is always ready and excited to answer questions, especially about food!