One warm Florida evening, over a bottle of red wine and a bowl of olives, Cora Bresciano and Susan Gay Wemette asked a question:

How can we teach languages in a new, exciting way? Not in a fluorescent-lit classroom where hordes of students sit in rigid rows and slog their way through a boring textbook?

They thought about it. They sipped their wine. They ate some more olives. They asked some more questions:

What if we could teach languages in a cool, casual atmosphere? Like a café, or a brewery? Where students could relax, buy a drink, and really enjoy learning? What if we stressed conversational skills, so students could begin practicing what they’re learning right away, across a café table with each other?

Susan and Cora knew they were on to something.

Long-time friends and educators, the pair had been running Blue Planet Writers’ Room, their successful global education organization, for the past decade. Their mission was a splendid one:

Connect people to the wider world, with all its beauty and wonder.

They realized that they could serve so many more people with that mission by teaching languages in a really effective and enjoyable way. Students could lose their fear of traveling abroad–of not being able to communicate in another language. They could gain confidence and allow themselves to be amazed by the culture, the food, the sights, to be found in gorgeous places all over the world–instead of being afraid to leave their hotel room and venture out into a strange city where they couldn’t ask questions, order a meal, or find a train station.

Global Language Café was born that evening. It was an exciting moment.

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