Learn a New Language. Have a Great Time.

Summer French, Italian, and Spanish classes are OPEN. Sign up today!


Thinking about learning a new language? Looking for a different way to learn? One without classrooms…textbooks…exams?

Where you start speaking your new language on the very first day?

Where the atmosphere is casual and fun?

We have just what you’re looking for.

Welcome to Global Language Café.

We teach languages to small groups of adults in cafés, breweries, and other cool, casual places. With only 4-7 students in a class, you can gather around a table with your teacher and start learning and speaking with each other right away.

Get ready for your next trip abroad. Make yourself more valuable to your company. Treat yourself to a language experience that’s part effective learning, part great social event.

So treat yourself. Join with a friend–or make new friends with people who share your interest in languages, culture, and travel. Buy a drink, pull up a chair, and become part of Global Language Café.

You’re going to have a great time.